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DIRECTIONS: The path to the beach is a natural path. It begins at the wooden rack holding-life jackets, boat cushions, paddles and oars. The rack is located below the south pool by the big brown house (unit #12). It is 500 feet downhill. When you reach the end of our property follow the "dashed" lines in the street to the natural path to the beach. DO NOT USE the private driveway (Colleen Lane) along side the path to the beach.

BOATING: If you would like to use a boat…
- You need to take 1 or 2 paddles for the canoe or a set of oars for the rowboat down to the beach with you.
- Everyone must have a life jacket when boating.
- Please remember to always stay near the shoreline when using rowboats or canoe to be safe.
- Please return all equipment to the rack when you finish boating so that others may have a turn.
- When boats are not being used, they must be put at the top of the beach and turned upside down with the bow resting on the log.

-Be sure the boat your are using is marked Cramers Point.

SWIMMING: The same rules apply to the beach as at the pools
-You must have 2 or more adults, (18 years or older) present when you are using the swimming area.
-Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their safety and behavior.
-Swim only in the designated swimming area.

The beach is a SHARED BEACH and has other people's personal belongings on it. The only property we have at the beach for you to use are the 2 rowboats and 1 canoe that are clearly marked "Cramer's Point". Bring a beach towel or old sheet with you if you would like to sit down there. Please don't bring our motel towels or blankets outside.

Make sure the children go to the bathroom before going down to the beach. There is NO RESTROOM on the beach and people get very upset when the bushes are used for a restroom.

Please bring ALL GARBAGE up with you when you leave the beach.
Beach hours: 7:00AM-7:00PM. You must be off the beach area by 7:00PM. NO EXCEPTIONS.
No BONFIRES allowed on the beach.
ALCOHOL is not permitted on the beach at any time.
There is to be NO FISHING IN THE SWIMMING AREA AT ANY TIME. Hooks could get stuck in the rocks; people could step on them or fishing lines could wrap around swimmers. You may take the boats out and fish offshore 50' or so.

The DOCKS are privately owned and we may not use them. Please stay off. There is to be no loading or unloading of people from boats that are not ours. That must take place at the marina that you rent from. No motorboats are allowed in the swimming area.

Jet skis or wave runners are not allowed on our beach.

ALL CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT just as by the pools. Accidents may happen and children need the supervision to be sure that they follow the rules.

The following rules, if broken, could very well result in the authorities being called and possible arrest.
1) Walking or driving down the private driveway (Colleen Lane)
2) Use of ALCHOLIC beverage on the beach.
3) Use of beach area as a restroom.
4) Use of beach or boats BEFORE 7:00AM or AFTER 7:00PM or any day before May 15th or after Columbus Day.
5) Use of front lawn above beach area.

All of these rules are very important, please do not take them lightly. Thank you for reading and following them. Please inform everyone in your party of these rules before using the beach area. Have fun and stay safe!

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