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Our Story

Cramer's Point and the Drake Family are proud to announce NEW OWNERSHIP ! Many improvements are underway, and we are excited to bring our top quality lodging and customer service to our second Lake George inn and cabins property! Our family proudly operates The Adirondack Lodging Company, offering clean, fun and familhy friendly accommodations at Cramer's Point, Adirondack Diamond Point Lodge, Moreno's Cottages (Lake Placid area) and our Brant Lake /  Chestertown area Campground. We invite  you to enjoy the classic vacation experience with one of our accommodations. Choose from our Rooms, Cabin Style Suites, Cabins, or our house rental.   Our Rooms are located on the south side of the property in the motel, or associated with other units and are a short walk from either pool. Suites are located in different locations on our property, and range in style from the very rustic, original log cabin to the more modern feeling North Poolside Suites. All of the suites except unit 1 have a small full kitchen.  They have many of their original features but will be outfitted in charming adirondack decor, cozy bedding, and 100% cotton sheets for the 2022 season! The Suites are all side by side with other units which makes them great for families needing add on space or for groups that want to book together.


Many of the ecclectic, family owned, hospitality properties in and around Lake George are being bought up and torn down to make way for luxury homes.  Our family seeks to preserve the unique  experience that has been a foundation of the American vacation for generations!


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